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Originally Posted by sheenashine
DDs are kind of a joke anyway... how many babies actually come on time? There are also several different ways to calculate, here is a fun calculator I like to play with:
Like everyone else, if I were you I might go with 10/11/12 just cause it's cool. haha!

Also, my MW pointed out something that I had never thought of, which is if you pick a DD that's out a little farther and you wind up going past your DD you will spend less time obsessing about how "overdue" you are- AND if you are dealing with OBs, that's more time you have to let you baby come on it's own time rather than being pressured into an induction. For that reason my MW uses the Woods (I think that's the one) method to calculate. Just food for thought.
Mine is Oct 16 with woods!!
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