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Re: Due date calculation help

Originally Posted by abhernandez View Post
Just to be contrary, i was born on my edd. The doc was young and I wad his first on time baby . But yeah. I agree exact edds are rarely accurate.
My DD was born on her due date too! That's the only reason I take DD seriously. Doc thought she was going to be 2 weeks early which made waiting for the DD seem like forever.

I did my calcuatlations based on conception and used which is what I used for tracking my cycle. I just checked a bunch of others and they all said the same thing.

I O'd on the 18th and conception was morning of the 19th... AF was due the 4th. Last cycle started on January 2nd. Based on conception I got 10/11/12, based on LMP its 10/8/12... I think I'll stick with 10/11/12 for 2 reasons, 1. its cool and 2. I think its more accurate.

Woods says 10/10/12
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