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Re: How to stop meltdowns once they have started?

The best way to prevent a meltdown (hopefully) is no surprises if you can help it. If he expects a certain event, toy, movie , dinner then you'll want to provide that (within reason) and you want to make sure he comes with anything for his comfort. My ds will not drink out of any glass in anyone's home or restaurant but his nalgene water bottle---so it goes everywhere with us. The hard thing is that it can be really subtle what they expect. My ds stayed the night with a friend for the first time and the mom mentioned rearranging the day before, when their house had been the same for years. (I thought oh man you decide to rearrange the day before a kid with autism stays the night???) I was a nervous wreck---but I hear he did well. A different smell, color, pet, furniture---things like that have the potential to worry my ds. Also when dealing with a child on the spectrum mums the word---absolutely do not promise anything or mention what might happen if you are not 100% sure that you can follow through.(i'll never forget the family function when an aunt randomly offered her portable dvd player and then couldn't get it to work and said oh well I think the batteries dead---I could have murdered her) If you watch tv or a movie or let him on the computer---be very clear up front how long or how many and give ample warning. But mostly I bet you have fun---these kiddos do sometimes deal loads better away from home.
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