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Re: Help! Completely changing plans for birth?

Originally Posted by mama23boyz View Post
Only CNM's are allowed to legally do homebirths in North Carolina. There is one I know of that serves the Raliegh area (Carrboro Midwifery). I went to a birth center almost two hours away and the travel during labor wasn't that bad. I did the hypnobabies program so on the way, I just laid the seat back and listened to the tracks on my Ipod. I actually didn't transfer to there until 30 weeks. I would set up an interview w/ a hb midwife and the birth center and then go w/ what feels right. After having an out of hospital experience after two hospital births, I will only have a hospital birth if medically neccesary. It was so worth it. This time I'm planning a homebirth. Good luck!
Thanks! I am really kicking myself for not just going with a midwife in the first place. We moved to NC in June and I found out I was pregnant in Sept, I didn't know anyone who had delivered anywhere besides the hospital, and I had some concerns about the pregnancy that I wanted to address so I just made an appt with the ob. I thought I chose a more natural minded ob, but am now seeing that I didn't. Now I am just not sure what the best option is.

One thing that I would love about the birth center is that if all went well we could leave that day which means I could get back home to dd1 and maybe just have my mom stay at our house with her until we get back. I probably won't choose a homebirth this time because we may be in the middle of moving, but I guess I'm just going to suck it up and contact the birth center. I have been so nervous about delivering at this hospital the whole pregnancy, and then 2 days ago I found out that it's on the fourth floor of the hospital. As silly as that may seem it totally threw me over the edge (at the hospital where I delivered dd there was a totally seperate part of and entrance to the hospital for the women's pavillion).
Sorry, just thinking out loud. I hate that I did this to myself!
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