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Smile Re: How long did you breastfeed?

DD # 1 self-weaned @ 50 mos, when I was pregnant w/DD#2. I never set out to nurse that long & never dreamed I would nurse past 12 mos... to be honest, I'd never even heard of it (extended nursing) until I had met a friend who was a lactation educator & went to LLL. By the time DD reached 12 mos I had so much info about extended nursing & child-lead weaning, so then "my" goal became 2 years, but DD had other plans... the last few months she was mainly nursing 1-2 times per day before nap & bed, so it was not usually out of the house, not that I think there is anything wrong w/ENIP, I just didn't have experience w/it to comment on peoples' reactions.... but I sure had my fill when she was younger, just because like I already said, people freaked out because they THOUGHT she was much older.

My DC are very tall for their ages of 6 & 22mos, so I have always gotten looks while nursing just because people thought they were/are much older. DD#1 is the height of a 10 YO @ 6 YO, & is almost @ my shoulders (I am 5'7"). LOL I got shot some nasty looks in the hospital ER from the traiage nurse a month ago because I was nursing DD#2 @ 20 mos old. She then tried to casually ask me how old my DC were, & when I said 6 & 1 she said she thought DD#1 was 10 & DD#2 was 3... I LOL & said everybody thinks that... but you know, it still doesn't excuse her rudeness about me nursing, but whatever, her problem not mine!

I was constanly having the WalMart greeter tell DD#1 she was too old to be carried (in my sling) or lifted to be put into the cart when she was only 1 YO because he/she assumed DD was 3... "You're too old to be carried!!!!!" I used to get ticked @ 1st, but then learned to reply that she is VERY tall like daddy & @ 1 (2, 3) YO I was "STILL" going to carry her!!! Now w/DD#2 I am so preoccupied making sure DD#1 is walking fast enough & not dawdling, that I don't notice comments as much, PLUS I went deaf in 1 ear, so that helps! LOL

DH's family thinks we are nuts & that I am the one to blame! LOL From day 1 they asked when I would wean them, told me they HAD to have bottles, etc. I just finally learned to spew out facts & stats about BF or hand them articles (based upon good solid, research by doctors, scientists, etc.) that showed what I was doing was not harmful! LOL AND I also just walk away a lot... and again, the whole deaf factor helps. LOL .. not to make light of it because going partially deaf (& trying to do whatever we can every day to save my hearing in my "good" ear) has been very stressful & traumatic for our family... but I have found I have to LOL & joke about it because it helps me to cope.

@ DD #2's FIRST bday, DH's aunt snatched the baby out of my arms (DD was screaming & crying as she had just woken up from a nap to our house full of strangers or at least a lot of people she had not seen for a while, so strangers in her opinion) & announced to all 50 people that DD #2 HAD to get used to not being able to be in my arms or on my body whenever she wanted... I thought I was going to knock her out, but instead decided that would not have made for a fun rest of the party, so I calmly took MY DD from her & told the aunt DD does not need to be traumatized because SHE (the aunt) feels it best, for whatever reason . The aunt was not allowed near DD for the rest of the party, & has not tried anything that rude since.

My family all knows I am nuts , so they really don't say anything... LOL... some family BF for a little while some not at all, some practice some or a lot of other AP methods w/out even knowing there is a name for it... LOL, so we focus on the similarities of our parenting, rather than DH's family who focuses on how different we parent... but they all know that we research things extensively & try to make the best decisions we can for our family.

So, I am sure that was WAAAYYYY more than you wanted to know, but once I start typing, look out! LOL
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