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Anyone know about testing for dyslexia?

A while back I post on here that my ds was being tested by the school. They tested him, but apparently I missed the fact that they don't actually test for dyslexia and won't say whether they think he has it or not. The testing came back that he has a Specific Learning Disability and needs specially designed instruction in reading and written language. Almost everything the test results say point to dyslexia, except for maybe phonics. He is really good at sounding nonsense words out I guess, but I know they don't have to have every symptom to have dyslexia. We did an IEP and he will be getting more extra help in reading (he was already in LAP reading) and now extra help in writing too. Plus special accommadations like a reader for state testing (except the reading part of course), shortened homework assignments, extra reminders, visual learning aids, spell check....there were tons more, but they are mailing me the papers after all the teachers sign them. Everything he is getting sounds like stuff that would help him if he is indeed dyslexic so that's all good. BUT.....I still feel like I need to know for sure. So how do I go about getting him tested specifically for dyslexia?
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