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Re: Help with taking a bottle!

My sweet little ds has refused a bottle his entire life. He will consider a sippy cup occasionally, as long as it doesn't contain breastmilk (water is ok, and our one try with juice was a hit, too). But they only way he will take breastmilk is straight from the source. If you offer him a bottle, no matter who offers, and no matter what kind, he gags and screams like you are trying to shove a bowling ball down his throat.

I went back to work 2x a week for 4 hours a day when he was 4 mos old. So he would go for 4.5 or so hours without nursing, and hadn't started solids yet, obviously. He made it just fine most days, some days he was definately ready for me to be home. We both survived it just fine, though.

I am sure that if she (and my ds, too) got hungry enough, they would take the bottle. I gave my nephew his first couple bottles. He screamed and cried through them, while the milk dripped into his mouth until there was enough that he had to swallow. He was just convinced that milk was not supposed to come in little plastic packages (in his defense, it's not!), and he wanted his mommy. After the first few bottles, it was like it clicked that these were for eating, and he was fine after that. But I choose not to have that same fight with my ds. If he wants his milk from me and me only, I am happy to go with the flow...literally, I guess!

BTW - right around your dd's age was when my ds got very choosy about where and how he would nurse - no distractions, no blanket over him, he by far preffered laying down, wanted to be held with his lower arm and his legs a very certain way, etc. DS's pickiness about where and how he nurses has gotten a little better, but he still has some pretty distinct feelings on the matter (often demonstrated with his teeth now!!). It may be that your dd has just gotten old enough to realize that she has a choice and can express her opinions on the matter.

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