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Harassment at school

My dd is 9 and her teacher has been harassing her at school. She has a 504 for generalized anxiety & PTSD (from an accident) and also has a learning disability. She is allowed to bring a note if she can't finish all of her homework. It's is her 504 & her teacher swears it's fine if she brings a note but then says things like she's being lazy, irresponsible or acting like a 3rd grader (she's in 4th grade so that's an insult).

I have contacted her principal who said to talk with the teacher to see if we can compromise. Wtf? She has a 504, there is no compromise, just shut your mouth & follow what it says. Legally, I can't even "compromise" I have to follow it, too.

Twice now when I spoke to this teacher (this is her math & science teacher & her reading & history teacher was present both of these times), he asked if she didn't have an anxiety disorder but was just manipulating me to get out of homework!

I called the principal earlier this week, it was then that compromise was suggested & the teacher called that day saying about manipulation but that notes were no problem. My dd came home that day saying he said she was irresponsible & acting like a 3rd grader.

Other parents have big issues with this teacher, too & not just children with special Ed services. He just does what he wants no matter what the parents or principal says to him. NJ has this big anti-bullying initiative but the teacher is the bully!

I left a message with the state dept of education's special Ed dept. I've been talking with a close family member with a doctorate in special Ed & trying to decide my next move. I plan to take this as far as it needs to go. I just don't feel that the school can handle him anymore & he needs bigger consequences for his actions. Ugh!
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