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Re: Harassment at school

I don't have any advice. I am dealing with a more minor issue. My son's bus driver is loudly saying "What is wrong with you?" My son in nonverbal and scared of high level on noises. When I saw the bus driver saying this and my son hanging his head and refusing to look any one in the eye. I knew immediately he was not taking it as a joke but as if something was really wrong with him. Fortunately in our situation I know the bus driver is just using good ole boy teasing and meant no real harm. I think just telling him my son's perceptions of his teasing and how my son doesn't understand kidding and is very literal will probably solve our problem.

In your case the teacher knows exactly what she is doing and trying to shame your daughter into falling in line with the rest of the class. IMO that is way worse and you are going to have to really fight to get this addressed. Wright's law website has a list of resources even for those with 504's. I would read through it and find out what your next legal move is to address this. Here is the link.

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