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Originally Posted by britsuz90
Why do you have a 504 plan and not an IEP for her? An IEP gives you more protections than a 504 plan.

However, since they are not following through with the 504 plan, then take the legal action needed instead of just talking to the principle about it.
Originally we only had the anxiety diagnosis & difficulty with the school she was in last year & my ex. I took what I could get with the 504 but I am going to demand an IEP for next year.

I feel she needs more services (the school has gradually been moving her into more & more programs over the course of last year & this year & on top of all that, I feel she needs in class support for next year) and we need more protection that the IEP would give us.

Thank you for the link. I have been reading there & need to look up some more specifics as pertains to a 504 & violations with that. I'm sorry you have had to deal with issues with the school bus.
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