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Re: Harassment at school

Now- we don't have 504 plans- but IEPs.
We have been fighting our school district on a lot of things- so I am going to base this off of what we have learned.
Your first step was to contact the teacher, and the principle. If those did not work- you need to call a meeting off all involved in her 504 plan.
At that time I would request an IEP. I wouldn't wait. They can draw up an IEP at any time.
The teacher HAS to be present for the meeting, and you address the concern there.
That way there are lots of witnesses.
If you are able to- get an advocate at the meeting. Even if they don't end up having to say anything- their presence there helps the school to see you are not screwing around.

If after the meeting things are not different. Contact your advocate again, and the state department of education to file a formal complaint.

Only after these steps are all taken (and failed) can you file formal legal charges. Typically it never comes to this.
If you prefer to hire a lawyer instead of have an advocate then you can, and they know the case if you end up taking legal action. Though, you will have to pay for the lawyer.

It makes me so sad to hear about all these issues special needs kids have with their schools. Why is it so hard for them (the schools) to actually do what is best for the child?
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