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This isn't our first issue with him & hasn't been our first contact with the school, 504 team & principal. She's been moved to basic skills for reading & math, has a tutor during the school day instead of world language & the district pays for a tutor after school/on weekends twice a week. Many of these accommodations have just started this year. That's why I'm thinking IEP since she needs extra help & could also benefit from document in place with more weight behind it. They've also had her basic skills teacher coming into the class to help her kind of off the record, she doesn't have in class support but needs it. Even the jerk teacher said that she benefits when the extra teacher is in the room. I want to ask to have in class support set up officially for next year.

What I keep seeing is that no matter who contacts him from the district, 504 team, principal, etc, he says sure send in a note, I have no problem with that. But then talks trash to her when she brings a note. He's been there for 30+ years & has the attitude of "I'll do what ever I want, good luck trying to do anything about it". I have a close friend who used to teach in the district & had a big dispute with him as well. He feels he is above getting in trouble so he can say what he wants. Another parent said he's so bad if they didn't have to work full time, they'd home school their child for the year.

My hesitance to just switch classes is that it would be extremely upsetting to her. I'd rather either get him out of there or put another teacher in to monitor his behavior. It's a partner teaching program where another teacher is her homeroom teacher (who we both love) & she has this guy for just math & science. But is out of the room for 1/2 of the math time for the basic skills. Though it's a big district with 8 4th grade classes so there are other teachers. She's just so fragile. I'm feeling like he needs a full time monitor (if not firing). Or to give her in class support now so she can deal with the in class support teacher & not him.
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