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Originally Posted by Murphett
So the whey in store bought yogurt is the liquid part that is sitting on top, right? Is there a particular brand people recommend? Also, is it ok to soak grains, seeds and beans in distilled water, or should it be just filtered water? I am embarking on fermented foods and soaking everything now :-) It is all new to me.
Yes, I believe the whey is the clearish liquid on top, but I think you may need to filter it all through cheese cloth or something to make sure no little solid pieces are in the whey. Are you using just water for soaking? I don't think it would matter much distilled vs. filtered, but distilled wouldn't have chlorine and flouride, so maybe it would be better (depending on the filtered water quality)? I'm new at this stuff too, and have only just begun soaking some things so far, but from my reading, I think it's preferable to soak beans with water and baking soda, and grains with water and something acidic like vinegar/lemon juice, or you can do whey. But, others probably know a lot more than me.
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