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Re: Grr to: "I'm not a mom of multiples BUT..."

As a foster parent who sometimes has 2 or more babies at the same time... I know the truth now. LOL I used to think 2 babies/kids nearly the same age would be like having twins.

Since I've had true twin foster babies and then had 2 babies who were different ages (6mo apart), I can vouch for the fact that it really is different. Twins "feed" off each other. When one cried, the other one cried. When one was hungry, the other one was hungry. If both were sleeping and one woke up, she woke up her twin. Often they were both sick at the same time too.

Then I had the other two babies who were 6 months apart. It was actually a little easier, although, probably would've seemed harder if I hadn't had the twins first! Since they were in different developmental stages, one could be eating in the highchair while the other one was snoozing in the swing. One could crawl around and entertain herself, while the other one slept more. It had its difficult moments, but was easier than twins. :-)
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