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Re: Grr to: "I'm not a mom of multiples BUT..."

I worked in a daycare for a bit over a yr before dd1. I was in the infant room and some times on my own with 4 kids under 12mos old. Most of the time it fell just right and we would have at least 2 that were the same age and more often then not we'd have 2 sets that were the same age(like 2 3mos olds and 2 7mos olds). Lets just say I was glad I only had them for 6-8hrs a day lol

I'm not a mom of multiples but I'd get seriously irratated when I'd vent when the girls were infants and ppl would be all 'yeah, I have a puppy so I know what you mean!' Um no. No you do not. lol
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