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OMG, 8 to 10 weeks?!?!?

Despite the fact that this is my 4th pg, I haven't ever found out in the "normal" time frame. I guess that's the best way to say it. Anyway, with my first, I was 17, late, but in denial, and didn't actually find out until I was like 3 months along. Even then, I was hiding it, so I didn't go to a doc until I was 5 months already.

With my second, we did IF treatments, I was getting regular tests and ultrasounds from the first positive beta test.

With my 3rd, I was on medication that was inhibiting ovulation and my cycle was completely and totally out of whack. I went off the meds and was waiting for my cycle to return, and waiting and waiting and waiting. By the time I took a test, I was already at least 6wks along, and getting the blood test and so on took another week, so by the time I found out, I was already at the point that they start that first OB appointment.

Well, we just found out this weekend. According to LMP, I am probably 4wks and like 3 days. I called my OB today, I already had an appointment for March 1 for my annual. I let them know I got the positive test, and they said they would need to change the date of the appointment. And that I have to wait until 8 to 10 weeks because they do the initial ultrasound at that point and "can't" see anything earlier than that.

I have to wait FOUR MORE WEEKS for that initial ultrasound? OMG, I might just die having to wait that long!
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