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Re: Birth Photography

I think it is a really awesome thing - even for super private people like me.

That being said, I had 2 different colleagues (professional photogs in my area) on stand-by to photograph my birth, but ended up just having my friend take them (I set my camera up so, in her words, it was "idiot proof" :P

If you DO get a professional photographer to do the pictures, be VERY careful, especially if you are a private person who needs quiet solitude to labor well. Some things to ask/think about:

a) do they have any birth references (not friends) that you can speak with? (that way you can talk to the birthing mama and see what HER opinion was on how intrusive they were/were not.

b) DO they use a flash? (you may or may not want a flash - bounced or not - during/after the birth).

c) what is their personality like? Are they a chatty cathy and is that going to bother you? Or, even if they are chatty, do they have the ability to turn it off.

The best birth photography (like the best midwifery) is to simply be a "fly on the wall" letting events happen and recording it. In the age where everyone is a "photographer"...just because someone has a website and a camera does NOT mean that they have professionalism or the type of experience that you want.

This well-known and well-published birth photographer is incredibly open and would be more than happy to give you references for someone in your area.

Another Lindsay also has quite the national birth photog network as well if you wanna shoot her an email.

Good baby's birthday is tomorrow and I LOOOOVE being able to look at her birth images. I like the images from my 1st's birth too (random point and shoot pictures), but there is something that I love even more about the more thought out ones.
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