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Happy V-day to everyone. We aren't doing anything this year because keeping all extra funds for the house we are buying. I will go and pick up some steaks and just make a yummy dinner here. I did get DH and DD a card though.

That is too cute about the birthday thing. My DD says almost everyday "today's my birthday" especially if I am telling her to do something she doesn't want to do.

Today I am 37 weeks! Had my midwife appointment today and baby is getting further down and in a good position. They also said they expect her to be bigger than DD who was 7 lbs. hopefully she isn't too much bigger!!! I am still feeling really good but my hips are hurting at night and my back during the day. Other than that I don't feel too huge or too ready to be done yet. I have just about everything ready for the home birth together and at my sisters except food. I might just make a list and do a deli tray and have my sister or DH just go shopping when labor starts.
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