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Infant Dairy Allergy/Sensitivity

I feel like crying. Why does it have to take so long to get dairy out of our bodies?

I thought I was on day 4 of a dairy free diet, but then found out that McDonald's FRIES have dairy in them Lesson learned - eat at home and get ingredient lists before going out.

I'm struggling with guilt that we didn't figure out she has an allergy sooner. Professionals had me convinced it was a milk imbalance. Then her symptoms became worse-tons of frothy green poo with blood and eczema. I'm tired of seeing her suffer and feel like getting formula so she'll feel better sooner. Plus, I have to go back to work Monday and now have to get rid of my freezer stash. I can't even start a new stash for awhile.
I've nursed all my kids past a year, but I just want her to stop suffering. What if I screw up and eat the wrong thing? The list of milk ingredients is huge!
Will supplementing during the day help? I could pump and dump. Or would she be screwed up even more? Will it really take two weeks for her to improve if I keep breastfeeding and stay away from all dairy ingredients?
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