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Re: CDing on Oahu

Ok, giving serious thought to just bringing our own CDs and what CD detergents are easily available there and good for the hard water? I will be using a FL HE and have access to a dryer but will try to sun them out and bleach with nature. I'm going to just bring the prefolds and thirsties covers. I can't use tide because it makes me super itchy and so I don't want to worry about LO having the same sensitivity. Do you use a water softening agent (I don't know if their water has a softener added in)? My parents don't live on a base so they don't have the extra additives. The fear of bleachy thin prefolds from the local service has me worried and the cost for up to 2 wks of service would be around $60-$70 total so the fee of checking an extra bag with diaper stuff is still cheaper than that.
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