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Re: mamas who have had 3 C-sections..

I just had my 3rd c-section (4th baby) 3 mos. ago. It was a harder one for me. I had a lot more scar tissue build up from the 2nd c-section and my doc had trouble getting through it. The c-section was long and then when the doc was trying to take away some of the scar tissue on my bladder, he knicked it and had to sew it up (got feeling back in a week later so that is good!). I always get spinal headaches, so the bloodpatch helped. Recovery was just slower (which doctors say is normal because less and less blood goes to scar tissue).

I always make freezer meals for post-op for at least 4-6 weeks so I don't have to cook. I was able to do light cleaning around 3-1/2 weeks post-op. Went off pain meds around week 3 due to stomach problems it was giving me and switched to tylenol which didn't help as much with pain, BUT I was able to eat again and not feel sick! haha. Still not able to work out yet as it makes my incision burn and feel like it's gonna split open.

Every woman heals so different from c-sections. The general rule is the more you have, the longer the recovery. i do think it gets easier in terms of knowing what to expect, what things you want to do differently, etc.

Risk factors don't go up significantly until the 4th c-section. DH and I are debating about a 4th, but the recovery time, problems with scar tissue, and all that make him more nervous...

Good luck to you! I just recommend cooking freezer meals and flying a family member into help the first week or two...
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