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Re: How to stop meltdowns once they have started?

Originally Posted by walking-iris View Post
Also when dealing with a child on the spectrum mums the word---absolutely do not promise anything or mention what might happen if you are not 100% sure that you can follow through.(i'll never forget the family function when an aunt randomly offered her portable dvd player and then couldn't get it to work and said oh well I think the batteries dead---I could have murdered her)
This! My daughter will remember something I promised MONTHS ago! lol Also figure out what his interests/motivations are and use those. I still have some wiggle room with my 7yo--she loves girly things and if things dont work out "right" I can sometimes stop the meltdown first by offering an "embellished" alternative that she might not have originally wanted, but if I make it sound interesting to HER, than it works out. HTH and good luck!
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