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I just had my 4th c-section 13 days ago and this recovery has been very hard. During the c-section, the spinal wore off from my belly button upwards once they took the baby out. I felt everything and told the anesthesiologist. He asked if I wanted to be put under and I said no...didn't want to miss out on seeing my daughter. It was excruciating for about 25 minutes while they put me back together. They said I had a lot of adhesions and I shouldn't have any more children. That's fine with me as we were actually done with 3 and this baby was a surprise. My husband's getting a vasectomy on Friday and we're both happy with our decision.

Anyway, I'm still on pain meds almost 2 weeks out and don't think I'll be able to stop taking them until at least a few more days. I've greatly reduced the quantity and time between doses, but the pain is still very much there. I've also got severe swelling that still hasn't gone down. My feet, ankles, legs, hands and belly are very swollen and painful. The doctor told me it could take several more days to go down. Meanwhile, I'm stuck not being able to wear socks & shoes in the middle of winter!
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