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Re: Grr to: "I'm not a mom of multiples BUT..."

Originally Posted by kcprochazka View Post
Hahaha! Yeah, we've heard that a lot. Twins are definitely NOT the same as having children that were born separately. Did you see the news article the other day about "twins born 5 years apart"? They went on to say that the babies were IVF and because they were in the same grouping of retrieved eggs that they were twins. Umm... no. If they didn't share a womb and were not born at the same time then they are NOT twins. (Yes, I know a few cases of twins born a few days apart, obviously not the same thing.) If you didn't have 2 babies screaming needing the exact same thing at the same time then it is not the same experience.

That puppy remark made me giggle too! Seriously people!
This really made me laugh! All 5 of my kids and whoever is on the way were conceived on Feb 1st 2005. While I find it somewhat baffling that they were all conceived the same day, it never once crossed my mind to introduce them as quints. That is insane! However, if I ever have twins again, I would really like to have them born on 2 different days and have 2 different birthdays. But, I'll still call them twins.

This reminds me of when people say sort of the opposite to me. I've had people tell me mine older set isn't really twins because they are girl/boy. I've had people tell me with both sets they aren't real twins because they are IVF. Umm...seriously, trying telling that to my uterus or my woo woo just as they came shooting out one after the other. Or come to my house and tell me that in the middle of the night during their first couple of months. Sure, they weren't spontaneous, but I still had to carry, birth and most importantly raise TWO babies born within 8 minutes of each my case...2 x's 27 months apart. Silly people.
Heather SAHM to 6 who are 7 and under, including 2 sets of twins and our last little miracle, a surviving identical twin, born Oct 2012!
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