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Re: Antibody/Antigen E anyone?

I found out in the delivery room with my ds that I was sensitized. Anyone who says you cant get rh sensitized during a normal pregnancy with no trauma or bleeds is wrong, lol.

His billi level was almost 22, and one of the things we think he might have is BIND, bilirubin induced neurological dysfunction. He shows a lot of the signs, being uncoordinated, autism like behavior, undeveloped teeth, and so on. But who knows? It's all just guesswork at this point.

Dh is heterozygous for E, so we have a 50/50 chance. Youngest dd is ee, so my pregnancy with her was pretty normal and her billi never got over 13.

We've been doing a lot of research, and it seems like its one of those things that sometimes doesn't cause any problems, and sometimes causes major problems. They had a baby born last year at dh's hospital with anti E and he spent a lot of time in the NICU and got some exchange transfusions, and was delivered early. But then the literature doesn't show that its a given that will happen. It's kind of rare, so there's not a lot of info on it. From what I understand, an E rh factor often goes with a C rh factor, and e often goes with c, so if you are anti E, you often become anti C as well. So get checked for that.

During pregnancy they will draw your titers, and they will also do u/s for the middle cerebral artery pressure fairly often. Increased pressure is bad. Rising titers are bad, too. In utero they can do exchange transfusions, but those carry pretty significant risks. But, then again, hemolytic disease of the newborn isn't a cake walk, either.

So, I guess the take home is, you will get monitored closely, hopefully there will be no problems, but if there are, they have things they can do. This is not the type of pregnancy where you can thumb your nose at OB's and tests and go on your merry way. You really need close monitoring (general you, BTW, I'm not saying you would do that). You will probably have to stay at the hospital longer to keep a super close eye on your baby's billi levels. We usually leave early IF the baby's levels are looking good at 24 hours of life, but I also have a husband whose a Pediatric specialist, and we have awesome followup, which we take advantage of. We absolutely go in every day for heel sticks. Without fail. This is absolutely crucial. I can't emphasize that enough. With ds we left at 24 hours old in the afternoon and he had a billi of 6. The next morning he was 22. It can rise very fast.
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