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Re: Help! Completely changing plans for birth?

Originally Posted by CutiePatootiesMama View Post
Just wanted to come back and say I (finally) contacted the birth center! They have a wait list for May so chances are I will not get in, but I went ahead and registered for a tour anyway. Then I have to have my records transferred to them to get a spot on the waiting list. I'm a little nervous about that. I dont know what my ob will say. I'll stay with my ob until/unless I get a spot at the birth center. So it's kind of like saying "I really don't want to deliver with you, but unless I get a spot at the birth center I'm going to have to". Can they drop me for doing that?
Anyway, I'm going through with this because it's what I *REALLY* want, and I'm just praying that by some miracle I'll get a spot. Although I haven't figured out whether we'll be able to afford it or not. But, if it's supposed to happen it will, right?!
I seriously doubt the ob himself will even know that your records were faxed/mailed over. They shouldn't treat you any different. If they ask just explain you are exploring your options. I hope you get into the birth center!!
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