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Re: Numbness 5 months after c-section???

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
I had my third c/s almost 3 weeks ago, this recovery is very different, I am numb all the way to my belly button this time, I had a huge bruise on my right side of my belly the next day that lasted a few days then started fading away and my left side of this incision stings still, and feels like it gets pulled.
I am very numb on my right side, elft is not such a big area of numbness, i think it has to do with how the dr does the c/s. My last 2 were nothing like this, the numbness went away pretty fast and I got all feeling back,I don't think I am going to be so lucky this time.
Have you spoken to your dr yet about this? I am going to talk to mine at my next appt on 3.8 if things don't start to get better, i am also still having some trouble getting in and out of bed and walking for long periods of time. Not at all what i expected since I have gone through this twice before with my two middle kids.

What did they use to close your uterus? For me they used dissolveable staples on the inside and then dissolveable stitches on the outside. I was thrilled at first to have no outside staples to have removed, but I quickly figured out that the internal staples caused a lot of pulling and tugging, which resulted in burning. I had a much harder time moving around and using the stairs because of it. After a few weeks my incision still wasn't fully healed, and a staple popped out of it! They definitely made my recovery take longer, and if I were to have another I will demand uterus stitches.
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