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I've read lots of feedback on using fenugreek to increase milk supply, and it seems to get good reviews. I was wondering if anyone experienced downsides with using it? Like too much milk? Too much foremilk? (I know that can cause more gassiness). ETC?

My LO is almost 8 weeks and I feed her on demand, but we are still feeding like we did in early weeks- constantly!! It's been like an 8 week long growth sprout! She's growing and gaining so I know she's getting enough milk. She is also quite high needs so I'm sure a lot of it is comfort sucking. But I was wondering if a low dose fenugreek was worth trying to see if it would perhaps help her fill up more so she could go longer between nursing. Right now she can nurse for 10-20 minutes, takes a 30 second to 5 minute break and starts either crying to nurse again or if I'm holding her she'll start rooting. Over the past week and a half she's started rooting on everyone/everything that touches her face and gets very frustrated when she realizes it's not mom's boobs!! She has soothies, but she has to be in the right mood for them and prefers me of course. So I can't tell if it's just her being very needy still and needing to be nursing (whether she is fully nursing or just comfort sucking) or if my breast don't hold as much milk at once so she has to keep nursing like that to get all she wants/needs to feel full and satisfied. We rarely go over 2 hours during the day without her nursing and maybe if lucky go 3 hours at night but that is rare too. We spend most of the day in our recliner together having nursing marthons all day. She'll take a short (hourish) nap in the late morning and usually a longer nap (2 hourish) in late afternoon but otherwise we are usually nursing away. She was also 5 weeks preemie if that makes a difference- I do think that factors into how needy/clingy she is to me currently. I can't put her down for more than 5 minutes usually as she'll start crying/screaming for me again. She naps on me and we co-sleep.

I'm also going back to work 2 days a week in 2 weeks and will need to pump and crossing fingers I can pump what she needs. Right now it's extremely hard to get any pumping in with her nursing schedule, when I do have time, if she hasn't nursed in an hour or more I can usually get 1 to 1.5 ounces from each breast, but I also don't pump for long as she doesn't stay asleep/satisfied without me for long enough so maybe 10 minute pumping periods. I only seem to have one big let down too.

Thoughts? Would it be worth it to try fenugreek? I don't want to mess anything up with my supply or make so I have so much milk that it causes problems for her either. I can deal with how we spend our days currently if that's what she needs, biggest concern is making sure she has enough milk on 2 days she will be alone. I will be gone roughly 9 hours, hoping 3 or 4 bottles of 2-3 ounces each will be enough, but truly don't know and we are going to have to experiement with it to see how much she needs while I am not home.

ETA: She also after nursing a majority of the time has milk running down her face out of mouth which tells me she seems to be getting plenty.

Thanks in advance.

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