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Re: Dairy/grain/reflux? Please help! I cant take it anymore!!!

Hang in there! It's tough sometimes figuring it out. In my experience, most baked goods have dairy in them. However, you may want to try going off of dairy & gluten. You may get faster results. I had to eliminate dairy, wheat, & eggs. Beef was not an issue, nor were nuts or soy. If you google common food allergies, you should come up w/a list of common offenders. It's sometimes faster to eliminate all of them (hard, but doable) until the symptoms are gone (2 to 4 wks); then try ONE at a time to find the specific items bothering your lo. When I quit dairy, I got pretty quick results. Improvement of certain symptoms w/in about 4 to 5 days, but not really back to normal for about 2 wks. With gluten & eggs, it took about 2 wks to see improvement in the other symptoms and about a month for them to completely go away. When you're bfing, there are 2 things going on, 1st it takes that long for all the proteins to clear out of your own body (so that you're not passing it on in your milk), & 2nd your lo has to have time to then get the proteins out of his body. It's time consuming, but I'm not aware of any easier way. And I avoided pretty much all formulas for the above stated reasons. I think you can get a special formula prescribed by a dr, but it'd be super expensive (heard about this from a friend of mine).
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