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Question Hoping for 11 days overdue...

I had a c-section with my first (later learned was unnecessary and fear based) and was not given the option of a trial of labor (doc said she would be big, she was 8 lbs 12 ounces about 10-12 days early). I am planning a HBAC this time around but am 11 days overdue and if I go past 42 weeks I have to do more biophysical and non stress tests and the decision on if I can still do a home birth falls in the hand of the ob my midwife works with...they've already told me his first thing willbe to say "I can go ahead and do a c-section"...and if the tests show immediate action is needed it will be a c-section or induction with small amount of pitocin, which I would probably choose that options,but he will not stay at the hospital if I choose to be induced do if something happens he may not be immediately available! And they can't guarantee that another ob would be immediately available either!

Anyone have advise on ways to SAFELY and naturally induce with a vbac? I tried Ina May Gaskin's castor oil induction method, about 12 hours later had contractions all night but they stopped about 6 hours later...that was Tuesday was 1 tablespoon in oj followed by 1 more tablespoon 1 hour later...after a few hours after taking it I had runny diarrhea and a little nausea but no midwife recommends the British midwives castor oil induction method which takes 3 hours to complete and a total of 3 ounces castor oil and 1 concern is pooping all through labor or causing stronger contractions then normal and the possible increased risk of uterine rupture that this might cause?...I have heard of the risk of meconnium but most of what I read leans toward the correlation with already being "overdue" and the already increased risk of meconnium in the water do to that and that most women that use castor oil are already "overdue"...

I am all about waiting til she is ready to come, but I hate to deal with the ob or for that matter I am a little concerned about the whole big baby thing...on Monday the biophysical u/s estimated her weight at 9 lbs 4 oz...

Anyone had success with castor oil induction that didn't include pooping all through labor? Or another form of natural induction for your VBAC?

Any experience with nipple stimulation and VBAC?

Thanks for the help!
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