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Re: Vaginal Reeducation

LOVE the picture and the video game play with your hoo-hoo! Really like the reasons that they give for doing the education, it's not as simple as squeeze it, there's so much more to be done.

It's a shame that the French are getting scoffed at for this by americans and canadians as it's so true that there really isn't much support in terms of getting a woman back to her pre-pregnancy self. And true, the government is paying for it but I would think that it makes subsequent pregnancies healthier and therefore less complications that the gov't pays for later on by actually taking care of its people... Imagine that.

This pregnancy I'm having incontinence issues. Yesterday was by far the worst! I couldn't stop coughing and I had to pee so bad and even though I was 2 steps away from the toilet I couldn't get to it because I was hacking (and peeing) away. After this pregnancy I will for sure be doing exercises specific for that area. The other thing that she mentioned is that doing the exercises can get you back in bed with DP sooner and I'd love for that to happen. Sex was excruciating the first year and I wonder if it had to do with my pelvic floor. We shall see... Thanks for sharing!

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