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Re: Please share your HBAC story

I had my HBAC 2yrs ago and I'm planning my 2nd one in Sept. My oldest was induced due to severe PRE-e at 36weeks. He stayed in the NICU for 2weeks. I knew I wanted everything different when I got pregnant with dd1, so I decided to go to a local birth center. I tried at all cost to avoid any problems with my b/p since it had been a problem before. I ate right and the midwives still made me see the back ob who put me on b/p meds. No one would even listen to me that my b/p was fine at home and that it was only high in the office. Well everything was going well and then dd1 flipped breech at the last minute so I went in to an exteral version which did not work. So they talked me into a c/s at 37weeks due to my so called "chronic" high b/p.

So I waited a full 2yrs before even trying to get pregnant, becaue I knew I was going to try for a HBAC and in my mind even having to talk to an ob (who might risk me out of a homebirth) was unsettling. So I interviewed 5 midwives and made a connection with one. She was awesome, and I wasn't even pregnant yet. So shortly after I got pregnant I called her and it was a go, but sadly this pregnancy ended in m/c. So 2yrs after my m/c and trying to get pregnant I finally did and my midwife was awesome. She knew I had trouble with my b/p so she allowed me to take it at home and email her every week the list of my b/ps because we knew it would be high in her office. She really worked with me on what supplements to take and making sure I was eating enough protein. It was really encouraging.

I went into labor at 39 weeks exactly. We went to bed the night on Feb. 8th and after about 45 min of laying in bed my water broke. Contractions started soon after and my midwife, her student, and assistant came and dd2 was born at home after 10hours of labor. It was truly an amzing experience. It was healing in so many ways. Esspecially, after an ob told me I would always have to have c/s because I'm under 5ft. WRONG!!

You can do it. I know it's hard to sometimes trust your body. But I fully believe you can. I hope this encourages you!
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