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Fenugreek worked like a champ for us did notice some gassyness but not enough to make him fussy, just more farts like daddy! We had the same problem-demand feeding constantly so I read this book called babywise and getting a schedule down and to the most part he follows and eats every 3 sometimes 4 hours, during his growth spurt we did every 2 occasionally. I found it hard to BF then pump the other side then just when I thought he was full he wasnt so we would go at it again. I too am going back to work so I started pumping and feeding him breastmilk from the bottle that way he is used to it before I go back to work and I am not stuck on the couch with a child attached to me. It took a few times for him to be okay with the bottle but once he realized he got it faster he was a happy camper. I know some moms frown upon that but I have 2 other children 3 if you count my hubby so being confined all the time was not easy. Hope it gets better mama!
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