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Re: Holy Temper Tantrum, Batman!

Originally Posted by RastaBaby View Post
I don't have any advice to offer just because I'm in the exact same situation. A couple nights I fell asleep while nursing and woke up with my nipple still in his mouth, so now he WILL NOT sleep without nursing, I have to wait till his body goes limp to remove my now sore nipples.
That's how he is lately! We coslept entirely up until he was 8 months.. At 8 months, I started rocking him and putting him in his crib the first part of the night, and bringing him to bed to cosleep the rest of the night when he woke up to nurse...

Since he's started doing this, I just put him back in the bed with me so that I can get some sleep, and I wake up to him still suckling! And he's asleep, suckling, until I pull my nipple out!

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
He's using you as a pacifier. There's nothing wrong with that, unless it bothers you.
I don't mind him using me as a pacifier! But why the sudden increase???

Maybe it is teeth like PP said? But he's cute 6 teeth already and didn't comfort nurse to this extreme with those....
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