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Re: Would you ever skip newborn size?

Originally Posted by dele33 View Post
Have you decided what kind of diapers you're going to use after the newborn stage is over? There are lots of good diapering systems out there that will take you from birth to potty training without having to spend more than you have to.

For example, I use Applecheeks which is a very versatile system. There are 2 cover sizes that fit approx 7-20 pounds and 18-40 pounds. The inserts fit both size covers and can be stuffed inside like a pocket or laid in the cover like an AI2.

Short answer: No, I wouldn't skip newborn diapers. BUT my newborn diapers fit for months.
Oh yes, I love applecheeks!! I've also seen softbums on newborns that fit great, and they are OS.
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