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Re: Thoughts on a child who is not Autistic going to an Autism Center?

Originally Posted by SashaE80 View Post
Oddly enough my son is very similar it sounds to your daughter. Just a couple of months older. His preschool has gone completely the other way and he's been put up a year. This happened in January and it was the absolute best thing for him. His speech has been pulled along by others. He's always been very sociable, but was struggling a bit with children his own age, he didn't understand why they didn't share, and occasionally pushed, and would get very upset. The older children are more understanding of him and his ways, and are just more predictable for him.

Either way I hope you find something that works for you.
We started in the grade above because the class below 1) has my son, and 2) is full. I think if the teacher would facilitate an environment of growth, it would be great. The sad truth is that she is heckbent on getting someone with speech delays out of her class.
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