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Have you looked into Sensory Processing Disorder/ Sensory Integration Dysfunction? Many of these kids (DS included) have autistic tendencies, and their sensory issues can cause social and speech issues. I would think Early intervention would have noticed, but they may have been focused on speech. Go to your library and check out "The Out of Sync Child" and see if any of it describes your daughter - you might be surprised. That said, since SPD is not in the DSM, it does no good for her from an accommodation standpoint, but it might give you some strategies to help her and you.
As far as the autism classroom is concerned, it would be wonderful for her to have a teacher that treated her like an individual, at least until her speech catches up with her brain . My husband was hesitant to even talk to EI, but he saw pretty quickly the progress DS made and no longer objected. Maybe he can look at it as preventative treatment. Just be sure that the teachers will challenge her academically, and you (and she) should be fine. Good luck deciding what is best for your daughter and family
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