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Re: Thoughts on a child who is not Autistic going to an Autism Center?

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Worry less about labels and more about needs. Go observe this program and see if it would meet her needs, if so, do it. If many of the kids in the class are significantly behind (which should be obvious), I might be a little leery, but you can always try it for X amount of time and see, too. Nothing is set in stone!
I agree. And you might be surprised by the kids you see in the Autism only classroom. My DD is in an Autism only classroom at a private preschool and most of the kids are very verbal and *want* to be social - they just need a whole lot of extra help to learn how to use their words and talk to their peers appropriately. But with the high staff ratio at my DD's school the kids are really able to work on those skills and any negative behaviors can be nipped in the bud or at least separated from the other kids before they are mimicked. My DD has made HUGE social gains this year in her Autism only classroom because she (and the other kids too!) have the support and training for the staff to work on those goals.

I think go observe the special school, ask about the services they could give your DD, and seriously consider it. Good luck to you and your DD!
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