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Re: Thoughts on a child who is not Autistic going to an Autism Center?

My oldest is a spectrum kiddo, he also has SPD and at one time was like your dd, behind verbally but with wonderful signing abilities. He has always been hyper social but not appropriately social if that makes sense. He would come up and love on anyone. He has no concept of personal space or that some one might not want a child in their lap or a giant hug right that moment. Even now at 10 he loves on people much like a toddler or preschooler would. He trusts people implicitly and only recently learned to lie. He still can't tell when people are lieing to him or manipulating him (it is a problem). We never could find a good situation for him, there isn't a school around that has an autism program like you are describing but it would have been wonderful. Of course it was many years ago that he was preschool age but not much has changed here I am afraid. We were left to search for private therapy and try to figure things out mostly on our own. I think in your dd's situation, with the school unwilling to work with you and the autism center opening its arms I would probably be willing to try it out for a while. The worst that will happen is that it will be a bad fit and you will need to pull her out and go back to a different program. I would push for some occupational therapy for your dd if she isn't already getting it though. Sounds like she probably has some sensory stuff going on and the autism center would be the place to get it. This really sounds like it could be a great thing for her.
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