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Kiwi Pie Fitted - Do The Fabrics USUALLY Fade Quickly?

I got a Kiwi Pie fitted as part of a cloth diaper trial recently, and after only a single wash the outer print had started to fade I don't particularly LIKE the diaper (if not for the fading, I would send it back without another thought!) but I'm worried that it might not be in good enough condition for me to get my money back (in which case I'd rather keep it, if I'm going to end up paying for it!)

My question is this: Do Kiwi Pies usually fade quickly? Could this just be a normal thing for this diaper? Or is my situation unusual? I washed the diaper with all the other ones from the trial and the way I've always washed my diapers (and clothes, for that matter!) and I've never had an issue before. I'm so bummed the issue is with something I wanted to return
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