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Re: Kiwi Pie Fitted - Do The Fabrics USUALLY Fade Quickly?

Well, I use Tide and washing soda (so I'm pretty sure that will void most warranties, even though I've never had ANY issue with that combo!) and the owner of the company I got the trial from is on vacation She has someone covering her Facebook page in the meantime, and all she said was to try asking Grovia and make sure I'm using a CD safe detergent I really feel like the whole laundry thing is just an easy way for companies to not have to deal with you ("OH, you tried to do a HOT wash on that thing covered in poo? Well no, our diapers are clearly not meant for hot water, if you didn't wash on cold then we can't do anything for you". It's POOP! If you can't wash a poop covered thing in hot water, that should be a problem with how it was made, not my fault!) Sorry, end rant

But yeah, I didn't use bleach or anything (or even oxyclean, like I ususally use, just because I was trying to be careful!) so I thought it was weird that the pattern faded
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