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Re: I don't need this stress right now!

Why don't you just pay for the COBRA coverage to continue the existing insurance from the current job through your delivery? When your DH leaves his current job, you'll get paperwork from them with the information on COBRA continuation coverage. You can elect to continue the coverage for the whole family, or just for one individual (yourself.) It will be pricier than your current premiums but less than buying an individual policy. You'll end up with double coverage for a while because you'll need to sign up for the coverage with the new job within the enrollment window after he starts with the new place or you'll be forced to wait until the next open enrollment period to sign up. However, after you've delivered and all the bills are paid, you can cancel the COBRA and just use his new plan.

With COBRA, you have to pay the premiums directly to the insurance company. When they send you the paperwork, it will tell you how much the coverage would be monthly. Our paperwork only said how much it would be to continue the whole family, but when I called, they told me how much to continue just DD. I think it was around $370 per month, and we had a cadillac plan.

When I left my job after DD was born, we kept her covered under that policy with COBRA for about 8 months because she'd recently had heart surgery and we didn't want to deal with switching everything over to DH's Tricare coverage. We did not continue me, I just switched straight over. It was a big relief to have that COBRA coverage because we didn't have to switch providers, etc.
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