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Lots of anger. Yelling when not getting her way. Obsession with getting things. To name a few. Day after day. ;(.

We homeschool so getting her out of bed is a task, she is usually miserable. If we ask her to do anything she freaks out. She can be a sweet heart and very kind, but its very tough. We do not medicate her because we have had issues with medication when she was younger. We do lots of "go to your room to calm down" days.

Keeping her busy is a must. If sheis busy and doing things she likes her temper is more likely to be in check.

She is 14 and was diagnosed with add and ocd very young (age 3/4) and odd at 6. I personally am not sure her diagnoses are correct and I lean more toward aspergers, as it shows quite differently in girls than boys. But either way, she is very defiant and mad a lot of the time. It is very hard for me, because I worry it stems from her biological father and issues there, but we are working on those things as best we can.

I love that kid more than anything, but it is so tough to get yelled at by a kid so often especially when we know how sweet she can be.

Hth some...
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