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pumping question..

Question about pumping.. My son is a little over a month old. I have EBF him so no bottles, no formula. I bought a pump and bottles because my husband wants to be able to feed baby as well. WELL...I used pump for the first time last night, then again 1 time this am and I did not enjoy at all! It hurt and I did not even get much milk.. Like 1/2 oz both times I tried... NOTHING! When I was using this am I had a flashback of when I tried bfing my fist son.. It did not ggo well and the pumping I guess is what made me stop all together.. (I did not figure it was the pumping making nipple pain worse but apparently it does! with first ds my nipples cracked, would bleed.. and every time I pumped got totally pink milk from all the blood.. it was bad! and i gave up..and to this day regret.. )I am scared to use pump again now.. I don't want to feel that uncomfortable feeling and I def don't want to feel like the last time I used a pump! My second son was a natural, his latch was instant and natural from first time being put to my breast. I really don't know if this is normal...? Does it get better(pumping that is..does it stop hurting and do you get more oz wise)? Again, I have NO issues with bfing, it's the pumping I am having issues with.. I really would like to get some milk pumped so dh can feed baby...and eventually getting out on date would be NICE, lol!
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