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Originally Posted by Alaura5
No advice, but I feel your pain, too. My son (7 months) also started pinching this week, but he likes the spot where my boob meets my armpit. I have taken his hand and held it for a minute, which sometimes redirects him to one of his other pursuits like scratching his head, kicking the chair, kneading my boob or grabbing my necklace or anything else hanging off of me or my clothes--hooded sweatshirts with drawstrings are a huge hit these days. Unfortunately, he thinks the word "ouch" is hilarious, so that hasn't worked! I'm planning to let him self-wean, but all of this fidgeting is making me dread toddler nursing a bit and pine for the sweet smooshy newborn nursing days
Haha no kidding, sure was easier when she sat still!! As I type she is pinching with one hand and tugging on my sweatshirt strings with the other!
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