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I did! There is a natural birthing center in our hospital, so I got the best of both worlds. I went into labor nine days late while moving across town. My house was filled with people moving and unpacking, not ideal for labor :/ I went to the hospital around midnight after 4 hours of consistent and increasingly painful contractions ( I was only a fingertip dilated the day before) in triage I was only 2cm. I was super bummed but thankfully my OB admitted me anyway since I was 10 days late.. We walked into a beautiful serene dark hotel like room. Hubby was able to get to rest in bed with me. I did get a shot of morphine in my butt around 3am. No feral monitoring or IV etc. around 7 I asked to get in the tub. The nurse checked me and I was between a 4-5 so she let me get in. Nurse instructed hubby to start timing my contractions again. In the tub, contractions got even worse, and I started to have the urge to bear down. My water broke in the tub. The nurse heard me and asked if I was bearing down. Guiltily, I told her I was and she made me get out so she could check me and call my doc. I was only in the tub for 20-30 min, and I was between an 8-9. I was freezing so I was covered in warm blankets and they helped me change out of my wet shirt. As I was going into transition my doula and doctor arrived. I was pushing even with a lip so my doc finished stretching me. She was born after 20 minutes of pushing and 8lbs 10 oz. No rips or tears, Apgars 8 and 9. They immediately placed her on my chest for skin to skin and hubby cut the cord. It was absolutely perfect minus going into labor in the midst of moving ... Ha!
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