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Everything is just no. It's exactly as is sounds - defiant to the nth degree. Ds was dx at 6 - the psychologist was pretty certain after the 15 minute "staredown" after asking him to do something specific and ds was NOTNOTNOT having it.

I kinda feel badly now, but I was thrilled that he did it to someone else and I wasn't that "crazy mom" everyone thought I was. He is wonderfully charming and sweet and giving.... to everyone else! lol

As he's gotten older, I don't think he's changed so much as our parenting has. We cannot rush him or life is officially over for the day. We cannot pull him from one activity to do something else (can you pause your show to -insert chore-?) without an epic meltdown. It's a slower pace but it works for him.

Everything we say or ask has to be challenged to some extent. Everything is someone's else's fault. If the focus is not on him and how spectacularly awesome HE is, he needs to try and ruin it. We had this today at his brother's hockey tournament. He was a miserable wretch because his ipod died and I would not drive him 45 mins home or drive to walmart for a charger- and of course it was Dad's fault it died cause he didn't remind a 12 year old to plug it in last night. lol The reasoning is that since he is now bored, we all need to suffer.

I make him do a lot of googling and reading. I will NOT argue with him. If he argues (and only if I know I'm right) I tell him to look it up and get back to me.

Sorry- that was long. It's been one of "those" days. I'm so glad I'm at work!

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