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Re: Did you have a natural first childbirth?

I've since had another baby and I have to admit it was so much easier having some idea what was going on!

DD1 -Early labour on and off for 36hrs. I kept thinking things were getting going and then they'd stop again. At one point my midwife told me to go get some Tylenol or have a glass of wine and take a bath because I needed to relax. Anyway.. it was a weird non textbook birth but it all worked out in the end. Essentially I went from not in active labour to pushing in some absurd amount of time. Except I didn't realize I was pushing. Because I was at home and thought I wasnt' in labour yet... She was born 7 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

dd2, thanks to 'better' (ha!) planning, was born 20 minutes after we arrived. At least I knew this time that my water breaking meant get in the car NOW.

So I suggest, pretending you aren't in labour and trying to ignore it all and go on about your day as long as possible.
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