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Re: Milk allergy backfire

I feel for you
My son (and me too) is allergic/sensitive to gluten/soy/dairy.
I know you don't want to hear it but if you eat dressing on your salad you may want to check the ingredients for dairy and you may want to also consider cutting out any soy (you will cry when you see what all THAT stuff is in) and maybe even the eggs.
Once things get settled in his system I would suggest adding ONE item at a time to your diet and not adding a new one for a week, longer if he has a reaction. That way you can find out what it is that he is having problems with.
As far as the caramel coloring some people have a problem with it and some don't.
If you have a dairy allergy it is either the PROTEIN or the SUGAR that you are reacting to. If it is the protein then lactaid won't help. If it is the sugar (lactose) then you MAY be able to get away with using lactaid products.
A wonderful site for BF'ing questions of all kinds. Also check out...
A WONDERFUL Dr. in Canada that has some AMAZING information on BF'ing!
You may want to check into getting some Colic Ease (gripe water)... I prefer this brand for the reasons they describe on their site
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