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Originally Posted by skolbut
Oh, Katie . Thanks for the reply. That helps a TON!

Where he DOES show some of those behaviors, I don't think they're to the extreme of ODD.

He is hard to wake up and the morning routine is a HUGE struggle (the number one reason I want to homeschool!). He is quick to get angry and will argue. He DOES have to go to his room to calm down. He is volatile with his brother.

However... he's not openly defiant to me or other adults, he completes his chores when asked and LOVES to please/be a helper, he's not obsessed with getting things and his reaction when told no, in my opinion, is age-appropriate.

DH thinks we may be dealing with ODD... *I* think we're dealing with a 5 year old who has some BIG changes going on at home and needs some extra loving and guidance right now. So, yes, that DID help. I want to be able to compare with DH what is normal behavior for a kid who is struggling vs. a kid with a pretty significant special need.

ETA: Katie, or any other ODD mamas, did you struggle with PLing? Mostly voiding in defiance and/or purposeful bedwetting?
We had no issues with potty training. She was a late potty learner (her 3rd birthday) but that was mostly my fault because I didnt try until she was ready. But she didnt have accidents or issues after learning.

Have you talked with your doctor about the concerns?
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